Saturday, February 12, 2011

The shoe of the wood grain and the indoor floral line homology

Liu Mou just flounces rope to ask for help from police after two scoundrels walk far.At this time, the telephone search knows, Liu Mou robs to walk of inside the bank card, have already taken away cash 10500 dollars.
The case discovers that the field is located in small store area some small area in the small store office, the northern side is Li Jia Zhuang is village, the west faces too a Mao highway.When case delivered, the whole small area only had 2 to go into.Liu is a certain to is building structure in building, down stairs square and parking lot mutually.The indoor ground leaves behind two kinds of shoe to print, the indoor is turned over of product up all leave behind wired gloves to print.People Jing discovers after inspecting to the spot outer circle, at underground parking lot go to the stairs of the building is 1 F up leave behind to have the miscellaneous and disorderly shoe print, the shoe of the wood grain and the indoor floral line homology.Round a column in the small area northwest the top discover fresh wipe Ceng and trample trace.But the small area video frequency supervise and control to then suggest, case hair on that day, there are two dark shadows since the childhood area north the side round a column to turn over to hospitalize inside, artistic skill nimble, mysterious movements.Another supervision suggests that two classic deep color blouse, the noodles wears a man of set to appear in the underground parking lot and move toward the unit stairs direction.

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