Saturday, February 12, 2011

The shoe of the wood grain and the indoor floral line homology

Liu Mou just flounces rope to ask for help from police after two scoundrels walk far.At this time, the telephone search knows, Liu Mou robs to walk of inside the bank card, have already taken away cash 10500 dollars.
The case discovers that the field is located in small store area some small area in the small store office, the northern side is Li Jia Zhuang is village, the west faces too a Mao highway.When case delivered, the whole small area only had 2 to go into.Liu is a certain to is building structure in building, down stairs square and parking lot mutually.The indoor ground leaves behind two kinds of shoe to print, the indoor is turned over of product up all leave behind wired gloves to print.People Jing discovers after inspecting to the spot outer circle, at underground parking lot go to the stairs of the building is 1 F up leave behind to have the miscellaneous and disorderly shoe print, the shoe of the wood grain and the indoor floral line homology.Round a column in the small area northwest the top discover fresh wipe Ceng and trample trace.But the small area video frequency supervise and control to then suggest, case hair on that day, there are two dark shadows since the childhood area north the side round a column to turn over to hospitalize inside, artistic skill nimble, mysterious movements.Another supervision suggests that two classic deep color blouse, the noodles wears a man of set to appear in the underground parking lot and move toward the unit stairs direction.

2 people return to stuff a piece of sponge into Liu a certain in

(Responsibility editor:Hou extraordinary talent)
A so big residence small area only has two families to go into, the owner in broad daylight meets to receive a noodles scoundrel inside the way at the small area building.Strangely fits still scheme?The police investigates to know, is a public security to do to bring calamity inside the ghost.Today, too the public security official small store branch office outward released at first, 4 suspects have already been imprisonned by the pertaining to crime.
Allow at 7:00 early on December 29, 2010, Liu Mou who lives to save city some residence small area in the house, close oneself family to prepare to go to work.Suddenly meet 2 that comes forward from the stairs to receive a noodles man while walking to the second floors.Frightened undecided Liu Mou is held knife by the man to coerce to return to in home.2 people wrap from Liu inside rend away a cash 20,000 dollars, cellular phone a , bank the card is two, and force the password that Liu spoke bank card.Later on, the Liu Mou is hand, feet are tie~upped with the thing prisons prison, such as electric wire, scarf and shoelace...etc. by 2 people.For keeping Liu Mou from shouting, 2 people return to stuff a piece of sponge into Liu a certain in, and then push forward an indoor toilet of Liu Mou, just escape the spot later on.

A lot of kids respect and admire very serious to the "heroic act" of Li Chun Feng

She said that Be getting more hungry, buy instant noodles, and biscuit...etc. to allay one is hunger, really insisted not to live, order a few vegetableses in the wayside restaurant.Before setting out, she still bought 20 bubble gums and trapped and then chewed a , "go to the stool for the sake of the decrease, from Zhejiang to Qian river, the whole distanceses are more than 2000 kilometers, I rode 6 spend a 250 dollars oil fee day and night, drank half bottle mineral spring and ate 19 bubble gums."
She says:"I am peaceful to arrive to the son is school, the first eye sees him and feed inside in the his mouth to body an only bubble gum, the in the mind cannot helps but any further, a hug a son, absurdly wept aloud 1."
Yesterday, the Qian river is blue sky stayed to guard a child president in school greatly signed to say, they still took this as an example and carried on mother is love education to the children.A lot of kids respect and admire very serious to the "heroic act" of Li Chun Feng.The 6-year-old son is Luo is cloud of Li Chun Feng flies to face an asking of reporter, a strength after death hides toward the mother, and is shy with stranger to living to say:"I like my mother."(According to evening newspaper in Chongqing)(source:New people is evening newspaper)

She bought a second-hand motorcycle

Is just right before now for a month, she bought a second-hand motorcycle.She didn,t ask for leave to the owner as well as knot wages and put away burden to set out.
"Tell the truth, I didn,t also want to ride bike to go home at that time."Li Chun Feng says that want to take car to check when she goes into the city to buy ticket, can check a fee to want 300 diverse moneys.Li Chun Feng says that she deplored greatly money very much at that time, "on impulse, I didn,t also think carefully, started to ride bike to rush through toward direction in Chongqing."
6 days drinks half bottle water
"From Zhejiang to Qian river, the whole distanceses are more than 2000 kilometers, I stay at 4 hour hotels."Li Chun Feng says that she generally rides for 6 hours to take a break each time.In the daytime, she seeks the tree, and rock...etc. of wayside to lean against to sleep;In the evening, she stops car in the wayside and lies prone on the car to sleep.Only on the third day, have a headache very badly, she just bought some medicine in a wayside pharmacy and spent 20 dollars money to sleep in a hotel for 4 hours.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zhao Ting)
Lawyer year Zheng 2

According to understand, pay four even after catching, aim at its case hair whether get mental illness, the police has already prepared to carry on consultation as to it is.The chief correspondent text diagram of Zhang Kai Hua of reporter, Li Zhao,
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Lawyer year Zheng 2,750,000 lead a hot argument together is a lawyer income to differ a hundredfold
Early report Xun from January 1 this year, "the year gains an above 120,000 dollars individual to pay tax to declare by oneself" again start.Recently, the report early reports of the 《income 2,750,000 pay tax 499,000 》 news caused in many ways concern and hot argument.Is the lawyer a tall income community?Calling to this citizen is strange, the lawyers "cry out for justice".Reporter in many ways survey understand, majority of lawyer is incomes don,t calculate Gao, but profession income margin very big, consequently Gao the income is "intensive" opposite.The industry insider is rough to predict, in 2500 registration lawyers of whole citieses, annual income more than 120,000ly around 20%.

00 to halt Ma Dian hospital salvage in the city center

The bureau chief didn,t escape from danger if the suspect has mental illness to need consultation
Chen Chun Zhi is after meeting the sting upwards urgently sent the hospital of Cai Xuan people, because the condition of the injury is more heavy, after rescuing more than a hour, turn on that night in 9:00 to halt Ma Dian hospital salvage in the city center.
Through rescue with all strength, Chen Chun devotes to start to be awake on the afternoon of the 20th and halts a spirit surgery director is doctor of city center hospital in Ma Dian and lord to cure doctor Xu Xu Chang to tell a reporter:Chen Chun Zhi belongs to open a heavy degree of sex a Lu brain to hurt, the brain internal injury, blood inside the brain is swollen, may endanger life at any time, haven,t escaped from life danger.
"The turning point volunteers to help, our common people needs the good police substation like this is long!"For several days, the various communities go to hospital to visit in succession.On the 20th, last Cai Xuan is police department sends out a calls and call for whole county is public security official people Jing to study from Chen Chun Zhi.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In the big profits in front

120 director, Shi Xiao Feng,s Christian Louboutin Glitter Heel SlingBack Silver from pair in first aid center in Wenzhou City also reveal that the mountain Zhai ambulance exists in Wenzhou for several years, in recent years have already increased don,t reduce, about have more than 40s currently, already far far above 120 first aid the car own quantity.
Expose public service to lack
Mountain Zhai why is the ambulance subjected to favor?
In Wei law firm lawyer, Zhao Li Hua, of Zhejiang sky is eyes, mountain Zhai the emergence of the ambulance, expose of is service of the medical public hygiene organization, also far far don,t be good enough.Zhao Li Hua says that opposite market demands, the first aid amount of cars is little, an undisputable fact.
Those enough not up"first aid" a conditional patient, Jimmy Choo Karina studded shoe boots and then isn,t suitable for the patient who takes bus for a long time how do?Under the circumstance that patient is family members also BE"can not help", it is that the head choose-it can lie at least, there is also medical apparatus.Carry a corpse moreover is also a mountain Zhai the important reason of ambulance existence.It can compare to connect to send a patient and acquire more exorbitant profitses.Carrying a corpse to save is a , then have several thousand dollars income that doesn,t wait to tens of thousands dollars.
For mountain Zhai ambulance, the department concerned also faces to Christian Louboutin prive patent peep pump take charge of a difficult problem.Give first aid center to have no business to punish mountain Zhai ambulance, hand over a Jing section to only be limited by to check place to illegally install alarm unit behavior, luck tube the section come to to be black car to check place, once checking, at most is also impose 10,000 dollars penal sum.In the big profits in front, these punish effect the extremely minute is absolutely.